Best Soft Mattresses 2021 – Our Top 9 Plush Beds!!

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If you’re a fan of soft mattresses, you’ve come to the right video. We’re here to talk about the best soft mattresses on the market!

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0:00 Best Soft Mattress Overview
1:25 Best Soft Memory Foam Mattress
2:11 Best Hybrid Mattress
3:15 Best Medium Soft Mattress
4:04 Best Value Mattress
4:44 Best Innerspring Mattress
5:33 Best Mattress For Side Sleepers
6:12 Best Cooling Mattress
6:42 Best Pillow Top Mattress
7:27 Best Mattress For Combo Sleepers
8:19 Mattress Unboxing
9:00 Who are soft mattresses good for?
9:16 Are soft mattresses good for your back?
9:38 How do you know your mattress is too soft?
9:55 Wrap-up

These are eight of the best soft mattresses on the market, but they still have their differences. For instance, the Layla is flippable and offers two firmnesses in one mattress. The Helix Sunset is a great option for hybrid fans. The Idle Sleep Gel Foam is a great medium soft mattress, and the Leesa is an excellent value soft mattress.

Fans of innerspring mattresses will love the Saatva, and side sleepers should definitely check out the Amerisleep AS4. The Nolah is going to be a good fit for hot sleepers and the WinkBed should be a good soft pillow top mattress. Combo sleepers should check out the Casper.

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