Cocoon Chill Hybrid Mattress Review – The Coolest Hybrid Out There?

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If you are looking for a mattress to keep you comfortable and cool throughout the night, you’re in the right place. We’re here to talk about the Cocoon Chill Hybrid mattress!

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0:00 Cocoon Chill Hybrid Mattress Overview
1:05 Mattress Construction
2:11 Firmness And Feel
2:57 Sleeping Positions
3:29 Pressure Map
4:02 Motion Transfer
4:44 Edge Support
5:16 Who Should Get The Cocoon Chill Hybrid?
5:56 Who Shouldn’t Get The Cocoon Chill Hybrid?
6:31 Cocoon Chill Hybrid vs. Nectar Mattress
7:22 Cocoon Chill Hybrid Unboxing
7:58 Additional Info
8:25 Is The Cocoon Chill Hybrid A Good Mattress?
8:45 Is The Cocoon Chill Hybrid Good For Side Sleepers?
9:03 Can You Flip A Cocoon Chill Hybrid Mattress?
9:17 Wrap-up

The Cocoon Chill Hybrid is, as the name suggests, a cooling hybrid mattress. It features something called Phase Change Material, which will actually draw heat away from your body.

It also has a great balance of comfort and support for back sleepers. Like that slow-moving memory foam feel? The Cocoon Chill Hybrid has that very comfortable feel.

However, this medium-firm mattress might be too soft for stomach sleeping and too firm for side sleeping. In addition, it might be a bit too pricey for some.

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