Dreamcloud vs Saatva Mattress – Which One Is Best? (UPDATED)

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Trying to decide between the DreamCloud and Saatva mattresses? It might be tough because they are both so nice! Let us help you choose the right one for you.

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0:00 DreamCloud vs Saatva Mattress Overview
0:32 Mattress Similarities
1:17 Mattress Differences
1:42 Construction Comparison
3:04 Firmness And Feel
3:38 Sleeping Positions
4:31 Pressure Map
4:53 Motion Transfer And Edge Support
5:32 Who Should Get The DreamCloud?
5:54 Who Should Get The Saatva?
6:23 Mattress Unboxing
6:53 Wrap-Up

The DreamCloud and Saatva are both hiqh-quality mattresses that feature supportive coils and plush layers above that. They are similar in a few ways, but they really are better for different types of sleepers.

The DreamCloud will be better if you are a stomach sleeper or simply prefer a firmer mattress. Also, if you are looking to spend less money on your mattress, the DreamCloud is the way to go.
However, if you want a more luxury mattress, the Saatva should be better for you. Also, it will work better if you like something a bit softer or you sleep on your side.

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