Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Review – The Best Cooling Mattress?

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Do you have trouble sleeping hot? Do you wake up covered in sweat? Well, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro might be right for you!

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0:00 Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Review
0:39 Eight Sleep Pod Pro Overview
1:18 Eight Sleep Pod Pro Construction
2:12 Eight Sleep Pod Pro Hub
2:48 Eight Sleep App
3:40 Using The Eight Sleep Pod Pro
5:23 Firmness And Feel
6:08 Sleeping Positions
6:54 Pressure Map
7:26 Motion Transfer
7:53 Edge Support
8:30 Who Should Get The Eight Sleep Pod Pro?
9:12 Who Shouldn’t Get The Eight Sleep Pod Pro?
9:48 Setting Up The Eight Sleep Pod Pro
11:10 Additional Information
11:36 How Does The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Work?
11:58 How Much Does The Pod Pro Cost?
12:07 Is The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Loud?
12:18 Wrap-Up

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro is an innovative mattress that is designed to keep sleepers at the correct temperature at night. Its Hub and Active Grid cover cool and warm the mattress by way of the Eight Sleep app.

Hot sleepers and those who want a mattress with a built-in sleep tracker are going to love the Eight Sleep Pod Pro. It’s also a good choice for couples who each want to control the temperature of their side of the mattress.

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