Purple Mattress Vs Amerisleep – Which Is Best For You?

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Can’t decide between the Purple mattress and Amerisleep? We’ve got an in-depth comparison to make your decision an easy one!

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0:00 Purple Vs Amerisleep Mattress Overview
0:27 Mattress Similarities
1:04 Mattress Differences
1:48 Construction Comparison
3:41 What Does The Purple And Amerisleep Mattress Feel Like?
4:50 Sleeping Positions
5:51 Pressure Map
6:12 Motion Transfer And Edge Support
6:53 Who Should Get The Purple Mattress?
7:29 Who Should Get The Amerisleep Mattress?
8:09 Mattress Unboxing
8:50 Wrap-up

The Purple and Amerisleep mattresses are both extremely comfortable, but they will work better for different types of sleepers. For instance, the Purple should be better for larger people and hot sleepers who need a more breathable mattress. Also, it is more affordable and a better option if you want to spend less on your mattress.

The Amerisleep mattresses will be better for lightweight sleepers and those who want multiple firmness options. Also, it should work if you want a mattress with more of a recognizable foam feel.

For more information on the Purple and Amerisleep mattresses, make sure to read the full written comparison: https://www.mattressclarity.com/reviews/purple-vs-amerisleep/

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